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OIL & GASCalabar Estuary, Akpabuyo, Bakassi Numerous
CLAYCalabar, Ikom, Odukpani and UgepBricks, tiles, paper, sanitary ware, wall plates, table ware, abrasive industry, porcelain products
SALT BRINEOgoja, Ikom and EtungTable salt used in pharmaceuticals, agro-allied and textile industries, manufacture of caustic soda
LIME STONE Akamkpa, Calabar and Odukpani Production of cement, glass, paint, steel, lime, fertilizer and animal feeds
SANDAll LGAsGlass production, bottles, sand paper
KAOLINObuduCeramic ware, paints and chalk
BARYTEYalaUsed in oil exploration
GRANITE, BASALT, QUARTZITEAkamkpa, Ikom, Ogoja and ObuduProcessing for construction works

COCOAIkom, Etung, Boki, Obubra, Obanliku, Akamkpa Beverages, wines, cakes, butter, additives, animal feed, soap making, manufacture of vitamin D, sweeteners for Jellies, Jam, sugar
OIL PALMIkom, Etung, Obubra, Ugep, Akamkpa, Calabar, BokiVegetable oil, soap making, wine, margarine, oil cakes, animal feeds
RUBBER LATEXOdukpani, Akamkpa, Obubra, IkomTyres, tubes, shoes, gloves, condoms, sheet, etc.
CASSAVAAll the Local Government Areas in the stateGarri, Industrial starch, alcohol and animal feeds
YAMAll the Local Government Areas in the stateYam flour, animal feeds
COCOYAMAll the Local Government Areas in the stateYam flour, animal feeds
GROUNDNUTSOgoja, Yala, Obudu, Obanliku, BekwarraVegetable oil, soap making, margarine export
MAIZEAll the Local Government Areas in the stateCorn flour, pop corn, corn flakes, poultry feeds, malt, industrial starch, corn oil
RICEObudu, Ogoja, Yala, Ugep, Obubra, Ikom, BekwarraFood, hay malt, animal feeds, etc.
LIVESTOCKObudu, Obanliku, Ogoja, YalaBeef, bacon, sausages, ham, hide and animal feeds
mangoes, citrus, pineapples
All the Local Government Areas in the stateWine, chips, pickles, jam, varnishes, oils, fruit juices