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Boki Local Government Area

Boki Local Government Area which was created on August 28, 1991 is a geographical territory in Cross River State of Nigeria. It has a population of about 300,000 and a contiguous territories border with the Republic of Cameroun. Boki bears a national and international reputation for being a major commercial centre where forest and internationally quoted agricultural commodities such as cocoa, coffee, timber, palm products, etc. are sourced and supplied for international consumption.

Boki Local Government Area is bounded in the west by Ogoja, north by Obudu, south by Ikom Local Government Areas while in the west, it is bounded by the Republic of Cameroun. With Boje its headquarters, Boki has about fourteen major communities including Iso-Bendeghe, Bansan-Osokom, Nsadop Abo, Okundi, Iman, Bateriko, Bumaji, Orimekpang, Wula, Buardwr, Natamarte and Kakwagom.

Like other local government areas, Boki has its own culture and tradition which distinguishes it from others. As regards dressing, men use loin clothes upon a white long sleeve shirt and a broad to match with a walking stick, while women tie two wrappers upon a blouse and head scale.

Its major cultural and traditional festival include Boki new yam festival, Irruan Boki Local Government Area, Edien festival, Borum and cassava festival. During these festivals and other social occasions, some popular music including Obam, Mgbe, Atam, Obon, Bekarim, Awaribo, Obashi and Enya-Atu are played.

And characteristics of any African society, Boki has a social life-style which was handed down from generation to generation include inter-village cultural dance, age grade meetings, circumcision festivals, burial ceremonies and communal farming.

Traditional market days in Boki include Okundi market day, Ntamarte market day, Kakwagom market day and Wula market day. The ubiquity of habitat for wild life as represented by the thickly forested vegetation and unique topology of Boki continues to be a delight for Environmental Action Groups and conservationists. No wonder Okwargwo Division of the Cross River Park, a brain child of the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) was established in Boki, it provides a spectacular opportunity to witness wildlife in their natural habitat.

Boki Local Government has initiated some impressive achievements in the regime of Hon Soni Abang. Faced with the various task of re-writing the developmental history of Boki Local Government Area Mr. Abang moved with tremendous speed at enhancing the social-economic status of his people by various development initiatives.

one of the striking achievements of Mr. Soni Abang is the construction of a one-story mansion Governor's Lodge at the cost of about N13 million closely related to the Governor's Lodge is Utility quarters built at the cost of N3.5 m. It has 9-5 chalets quarters meant to accommodate needs of visiting personalities. The council has purchased two generating sets to boost electricity supply to the council secretariat.

On road development, Abang's administration has embarked on the construction of a 36 kilometre road to link Boki with Ikom and a bridge has been slated for construction at Okpokom River. To facilitate from Standard Trust bank. So a total of 720 hectares of earth roads worth the cost of N700m will be constructed.


  • Model Primary School Block A and B
  • Child Care Health Centre (executed by Boki Child Care Trust)
  • 18 Health Centres in all eleven (11) wards of the Local Government Area
  • Concurrently building seven (7) bridges
  • Donated a ten (10) seater bus to student of Boki
  • Gave financial assistance to indigenes of Boki studying at the Nigerian Law School
  • Established Pineapple farms at Orimekpang and Onicha farm
  • Purchased and installed a computer set at the council
  • Established eleven (11) pilot oil palm farms
  • Established a craft centre to provide school furniture for primary schools in the Local Government Area
  • Employed 370 teaching and non-teaching staff at the primary schools in the local government area
  • Purchased 12 official vehicles


  • Integrated Cocoa Estate, Iso-Badeghe
  • Nsadop Oil Palm Estate, Nsadop
  • Boki Oil Palm Estate, Bohum
  • Boje Cocoa Estate, Boje
  • Integrated Cocoa Estate, Wula
  • Integrated Cocoa Estate, Banba
  • Integrated Cocoa Estate, Bumyia Uruan


  • Oku-Buabakong Boadi, Oku Boki
  • Agba Hills and Cave, Agba
  • Boje Hills
  • Boje Swallow Birds
  • Drill Ranch, Buanchor
  • Cross River National Park
  • Mbe Mountains, Kangang
  • Abi Wildlife Sanctuary