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Akpabuyo Local Government Area

Akpabuyo Local Government Area became autonomous on Tuesday 27th August 1991, following its creation from the former Odukpani Local Government Area. It became the 14th and 589th Local Government Area in Cross River State and Nigeria respectively.

Akpabuyo has a population of 360,000 people and is located in the Southern Senatorial District with headquarters at Ikot Nakanda.

It consists of 10 (ten) Council Wards, namely:

  1. Idundu/Anyananse
  2. Atimbo East
  3. Atimbo West
  4. Ikot Edem Odo
  5. Eneyo
  6. Ikot Nakanda
  7. Ikot Eyo
  8. Ikang North
  9. Ikang South
  10. Ikang Central

The major ethnic groups are the Efiks, Quas and Efuts. The major languages spoken are Efik and English, while all the major ethnic groups share a common cultural and ancestral heritage. The people of Akpabuyo Local Government Area are predominantly farmers and fishermen. Akpabuyo is a major producer of of cassava, cocoyam, kola nut, coconut, palm produce as well as sea foods. The land is rich in mineral deposits such as petroleum deposits, gold, limestone, sand and slat deposits to mention a few. All these are available in commercial quantities for prospective explorers.

Akpabuyo Local Government Area lies between latitude 4° 5' and 5° 40' and longitude 8° 25' and 8° 32 East. It lies within the vegetation belt of southern Nigeria and shares the Atlantic coastline with Bakassi to the East and the Republic of Cameroon to the West.

Akpabuyo Local Government Area which measures approximately 28.5 square kilometres is predominantly an agricultural area, and it is known as the Food Basket of Cross River State. Thus, the agricultural policy of the Local Government Council is to boost goods and crop production, as well as encourage foreign investors to establish allied industries to supplement the exiting ones. Akpabuyo Local Government is very rich in forest resources, which comprise several species of wood, which can support large-scale furniture and building ventures for both domestic consumption and export.

The Barrister Prince Eyo Okon Eyo-led administration assumed office in June 1999 with an unenviable burden of putting into reality the campaign promises of making Akpabuyo a paradigm of rural development in Cross River State. This fact it has achieved through the prudent use of its scarce resources to provide development projects, which has in turn ameliorated the living condition of the Akpabuyo people.

On the provision of electricity suffice it to say that, all past administrations in Akpabuyo had tried to no avail to provide electricity to the Local Government Area. The chequered history suffered by past administrations not deters Prince Eyo in his dogged determination to turn Akpabuyo to an urban setting. Hence the completion and subsequent commissioning of His Excellency, Mr. Donald Duke, Governor of Cross River State on the 18th of April, 2000. with the second phase which includes Ikang, Nsidung and Esighi Electrification Projects. This administration has also subsidized the cost of NEPA services in Akpabuyo Local Government Area up to fifty percent of the total cost on behalf of the people.

In the bid to bring justice to the grassroots and alleviate the logistic problems faced by the common people of Akpabuyo, while travelling to Calabar, the State capital, the present administration renovated the former Council of Chiefs' Chamber, the Akpabuyo High Court, Ikot Nakanda, which was commissioned by His Excellency, Mr. Donald Duke, Governor of Cross River State with several judges already posted. This has brought the institution of justice to the Local Government Area.

In line with Efik tradition and the importance attached to their monarchs and the royal heritage of Prince Eyo, a befitting edifice was constructed and subsequently commissioned on the 18th of April, 2000, along side other Council projects, in order to accord our Royal Fathers, the custodians of our great culture, the respect and dignity they deserve. In line with this, the present administration formally inaugurated the Akpabuyo Traditional Rulers Committee with Etinyin J. L. E. Duke, emerging its first Chairman.

The Akpabuyo Investment Company Limited (AICO) was established and incorporated to break the monopoly of the existing capital market, diversify from over dependence on the Federal Allocation, create investment, generate additional revenue and also provide employment opportunities for Cross Riverians.

The Akpabuyo Investment Company (AICO) is a holdings company, with the following subsidiaries: Farms and Estate Development, Transport Services, Finance Investment and Business Development, Energy and allied matters. Hence, the establishment of the Petrol Station to be commissioned later this year.

Services provided by the company include provision of short-term loans, local purchase orders (LPOs) financing with minimum interest. Management of Akpabuyo Transport Service (ATS) which has four (4) bran new Peugeot Boxer buses in its fleet. This is to ameliorate the suffering of our people. To enhance the operation of the company, a befitting office, christened "The Investment House" was constructed and commissioned on the 18th April, 2000. It will be the fulcrum on which the economic activities of the Council shall resolve. The company has well over sixty (60) staff in its employ comprising of indigenes and non-indigenes of Akpabuyo. The Akpabuyo Investment Company Limited (AICO) is situated at Ikot Nakanda, the Council Headquarters.

One hundred and eighty kilometres of road across the Local Government Area have been bulldozed and graded, namely Nsidung/Esighi Road, Ekpri Ikang/Akwa Obutong Road, Ikot edem Odo/Esuk Mbat Road, Ikot Effiom/Ifiang Nsung Road. More roads will be graded and bulldozed in due course.

Even though Akpabuyo is an island, good drinking water has been a problem in the past. During the tenure of the present administration, the Federal Ministry of Water Resources in conjunction with the Cross River State Basin Development Authority, have commissioned the Esighi, Idebe and Ikang Water Schemes. These projects were commissioned by the Honourable Minister of Water Resources and the Minister of State respectively. The Cross River State Government has also sunk boreholes in various communities, thereby bringing potable drinking water to the people of Akpabuyo, who were in dire need of it.

In line with the Cross River State Government's Poverty Alleviation Programme, the cultivation of pineapple was introduced all over the state. Akpabuyo was not left out with a pilot pineapple farm at Ikot Effio-Enang which has 5.5 hectares. The Prince Eyo Okon Eyo-led administration in Akpabuyo Local Government Area of Cross River State has also established and recruited over a hundred unemployed sons and daughters of Akpabuyo into the Akpabuyo Intervention Squad (AIS). This is a security outfit, which provides both residential and industrial security; the pineapple farms and the Intervention Squad have provided job opportunities for thousands of unemployed youths in the area. Hence the administration's contribution to the Poverty Alleviation Programme.

Aware of the global importance attached to Information Technology and the importance of a good information network as the live wire of any organization, this administration has procured modern information equipments which include four (4) computers and accessories, close circuit monitor, complete public address system, cinema unit, Intercom System to ease administration and productivity of staff as well as Mobile Radio System (Walkie-Talkies).

Another important area of Barrister Prince Eyo's achievement is the welfare of his staff. this administration inherited nothing from its predecessors. There was no single vehicle in the Council fleet. today Council has well over fifteen vehicles in it's fleet, some are bran new, while others are refurbished. Council presently has a staff bus in it's fleet. This has gone a long way in ameliorating the untold hardship usually faced by staff.

Also of note is the furnishing of offices to enhance performance of staff and the overall beautification of the Council's Secretariat. The sanitary condition met on assumption of office was appalling, but Prince Eyo has repaired the existing borehole and all the conveniences at the Council's Secretariat. A magnificent staff relaxation centre is also in an advanced stage of construction. When completed the building will house the Senior and Junior Staff canteens, game Rooms, V. I. P. Lounge and Bar. The Staff Quarters at Idebe Akpabuyo Local Government Area has also been renovated.

In the education sector, Prince Eyo has renovate classroom blocks in primary schools in Akpabuyo. He has also given out contracts for new ones in some areas. His determination to ensure qualitative education at the grassroots, accounts for his prompt launching of the Universal Basic Education (UBE) on the 27th of May, 2000.

The present administration has awarded several scholarships, the most recent being the award of scholarships to three (3) children of Police Officers in Akpabuyo. Also to our credit is the prompt payment of the bursary to indigenous students in institutions of higher learning. A Vocational School has also been set up to train unskilled labour. This is a pet project of the wife of the Chairman, Mrs. Helen Okon Eyo.

The Health sector has also received a boost, through the provision of hospital equipment to all the Health Centres in Akpabuyo. Again, all the National Immunization Days (NIDs) have been adequately carried out in the Local Government Area. The office of the wife of the Chairman has also donated prompt payment of staff health claims a priority and has donated to the surgical operation of an acid bath victim.

As a sports enthusiast, Prince Eyo has sponsored several sporting activities in Akpabuyo. Of note are the Chairman's Cup Competition, which is tagged "Prince Eyo Okon Eyo Cup." This is an annual soccer competition between all the ten (10) council wards. the Council has ben sponsoring Akpabuyo contingent to the yearly Boat Regatta competition in Calabar and has religiously marked the Independence Day Celebration, Armed Forces remembrance Day Celebration and children's day Celebration.

The chronicle will be incomplete without due mention of the cordial relationship that exists between the Government and the people of Akpabuyo. In April 2000, in recognition of the contribution of some indigenes to the development and creation of Akpabuyo Local Government Area, a Millennium Award ceremony was organised. Periodical meetings also take place between the Government and Traditional Rulers/chiefs, Staff, teachers and a cross section of the Akpabuyo society. Also of note is the new year party held for Traditional Rulers, men of the Nigerian Police Force and staff.

The administration draws its strength from the unalloyed support and absolute loyalty of the great people of Akpabuyo. Akpabuyo Local Government Area has gone through a very drastic transformation from a purely rural community to an urban city, with lots of investment and exploration opportunities for interested organisations.