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Abi Local Government Area

Abi Local Government Area is in the Central Senatorial District of Cross River State. The headquarters of the local government area is Itigidi.

There are ten wards in the local government area. The wards are:

  1. Adadama
  2. Afafanyi/Igonigoni
  3. Ekureku I
  4. Ekureku II
  5. Imabana I
  6. Imabana II
  7. Usumutong/Abuego
  8. Itigidi
  9. Ebom
  10. Ediba/Anong
Although some giant strides have been recorded in the socio-economic and political development of the people of Abi Local Government, there is still room for improvement under the leadership of Hon. Onya Osim.

In the economic sector, tremendous impact has been made. Construction work on the new market at Egbruyin, Adadama and Itigidi began at an estimated cost of N1.5million.

In addition, about N100,000 was spent on the renovation of existing market stalls at Usumutong and Igbo Ekureku. Also, work has started on N7.2million petrol station project in Ediba to ameliorate the hardship suffered by motorists plying roads in the area. Canopies and chairs were purchased at the cost of N200,000 for hire.

As a complement to the services of private transporters, three buses were refurbished at the cost of N757,000 while three new ones had been added to the fleet to boost council's mass transit scheme.

As part of Council's resolve to provide infrastructure within the local government area, and enhance the living standard of the people, the 9.5 km Ugep-Usumutong road was graded and rehabilitated and the Anong-Ediba-Usumutong road graded at the cost of N2.4 million while bridges and culverts were constructed at Ikolo, Umabana, Adadama, Itigidi and Ebom communities. Already completed these projects gulped about N1.8 million.

On electricity, work is currently going on the erection of poles at Usumutong, Ebom and Abijakare. Work is however, almost completed on the access road to Council headquarters.

Not less than N600,000 has been paid out as bursary award to students of Abi origin in institutions of higher learning. Business and computer training has been put on stream designed primarily to keep the staff abreast of modern information technology. In line with the Universal Basic Education (UBE) the Osim administration constructed and renovated primary schools in Itigidi, Ekureku, Ebom and Suhure at an estimated cost of N1.7 million. Under the Child Care Trust Project, work has begun on the N2 million orphanage in Itigidi while the Women Education Development centre project gulped about N300,000 for renovation.

This important sector cannot be neglected considering the importance attached to it by the Federal and State Governments in the health care delivery system of the country. The Osim administration has made efforts to construct and renovate health centres as well as the provision of beddings at Usumutong, Lehanga and Itigidi at the cost of N4.6 million. On immunization, Council spent N300,000 and purchased medical equipment for all health centres with the sum of N100,000.

Modern computers, scanners and V-Sat has been installed as part of information technology. E-mail services are already in operation while arrangements have been concluded to hit the web-site and go global superhighway to assist anyone interested to assess information from anywhere in the world. This cost the Council N3 million. Repairs and refurbishing of Council's Radio Room and other equipment was completed at a cost of N400,000.

On general administration, Council's Secretariat, vice Chairman's office, purchase of vehicles for the Executive Chairman, Secretary, Leader of Legislature and vehicle for the Law Makers cost about N7million.

The Council also undertook the refurbishing of various council vehicles and government leased ferry.

The Osim-led administration completed work on the N600,000 staff quarters at Itigidi.

To ensure mutual co-existence with neighbouring state of Ebonyi and local governments, Council spent N1.35 million on conflict resolution.

The Garri Processing Engine was also refurbished by council.